Seek Counseling

There are three reasons that our people would benefit from long-term counseling:

1). You were given a false diagnosis

“Opioid Addiction” or the more modern term “Opioid Use Disorder” lack any science to support the diagnosis. And without science, to support the diagnosis, “Opioid Addiction” and “Opioid Use Disorder” are simply harmful and judgmental labels. People suffered, and for prolonged periods of time, under these harmful labels. This has resulted in the need for long-term counseling to help people understand exactly what happened to them and to put things into the proper context and perspective. Trust is going to be difficult.

2). Your body was permanently changed, and without your knowledge, permission, or consent

The FDA exists to prevent exactly what happened to you. Your body was poisoned by a drug. The CDC exists to detect and control, disease outbreaks, including genetic toxicity.  But both the FDA and the CDC failed to protect the people. The fact that your DNA was permanently changed and that multiple organizations failed you is something that is going to require long-term counseling.

3). Your body has experience something that no human body in the history of mankind has ever had to endure

You experience repeated and prolonged loss of control of your Autonomic Nervous System. A component of this is long-term exposure to the catecholamines, (Adrenaline). This horror is so profound that people cannot find the words to express the terror and torture that they were forced to endure. Exposure to this level and intensity of harm will now require long-term counseling.