Join With Others

So much of what happened to you was wrong. It was wrong morally. It was wrong ethically. It never should have happened. But it did. And we must all stand together and hold those responsible for this tragedy to be accountable. They must pay for what they did to you and countless others. The best way, practically the only way, to hold the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors accountable is with a class action lawsuit.

We all know that it is unlikely that the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are going to voluntarily step forward, admit, their wrong doings, and make amends. In all probability, they are going to need to be forced into accepting the responsibility for their deeds. And this requires a class action lawsuit. Please, check on the link below and join with us. We haven’t filed a lawsuit yet. We want to get our numbers increased so that the courts know we are serious.

The class action lawsuit is reserved for those participants who have signed up and began making payments on their DNA test. The class action lawsuit will only consist of those individuals who show damage to their DNA. So far, every single test we have run on opioid dependent individuals showed strong evidence of damage and poisoning to the DNA. Thus, so far, all have been eligible for the class action lawsuit. Please stand with us. They must be held accountable for what they did.